Get Your Body and Mind Ready for Pregnancy

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Tamsen Carson, Physician Assistant, Renown HealthTips to Get Your Body and Mind Ready for Baby

Preparation for a major change in your life, such as being pregnant and having a child, is important.

During pregnancy, your body and mind will go through major changes so making healthy lifestyle changes is a great way to prepare yourself and your partner.

  • Quit tobacco, alcohol or drug use.
  • Get to a healthy weight for your height.
  • Start a basic exercise program.

Many midwives have the saying “You wouldn’t show up to a marathon the day of the race without training, and labor and delivery is no different.” Birthing a child is very difficult physically, so continuing a healthy exercise …

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Celebrating Together

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Celebration Congratulations to Emily Simonian Murdoch, the third and final winner of a $50 gift card to The Lactation Connection!  Emily shared with us that her family is celebrating her son Brayden’s first words and soon his first birthday!

Thank you to everyone who shared their family’s celebrations as we celebrated our first anniversary at The Lactation Connection! We received so many wonderful photos and precious stories of milestones– we love meeting new families and hearing from those we’ve met and supported in their breastfeeding journeys.

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Just Pump and Dump?

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Robin Hollen, RN, IBCLC

Just pump and dump?Those first weeks of breastfeeding can challenging…but then you “get it” and those weary days melt away. You and your baby are enjoying breastfeeding and it’s a wonderful feeling.

What if you had been putting off a medical procedure, or you have an unexpected procedure come up?  When you are told you’ll need to “pump and dump” for x hours/days after the procedure, your first thought may be back to those first difficult days of breastfeeding.

The good news is that it is often not necessary to stop breastfeeding because you are taking a medication or having a surgical procedure done. The breast’s milk ducts are an effective …

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