5 Tips to Stay Safe this Fourth of July

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Fourth of JulyFrom the parade, BBQ’s and fireworks, the Fourth of July is a full day for the kiddos. ER visits tend to increase during the holiday so here are tips for keeping your family happy and healthy this Independence Day.

  1. For the day – The Fourth of July is typically a holiday that is spent outside. Make sure the family has plenty of sunscreen and water. Children are more prone to dehydration in the summer months because their bodies do not cool down as efficiently as adult’s. Add some extra hydration in the morning and don’t wait until the kids are thirsty to offer them something to drink.
  2. At the Pool – Swimming is one of the biggest pastimes for Fourth of July celebrations so here are some tips to stay safe. Never swim alone and don’t assume others are watching. Many drownings occur when parents or other adults are nearby. If you are hoping to swim in the river try to avoid high flow days when the water is swift and muddy looking.
  3. Riding Bikes – If you are planning on riding your bike to the neighbor’s for a BBQ make sure to wear helmets. Properly fitted helmets can prevent an estimated 75 percent of bicycle fatalities among children a year. To learn how to fit a helmet visit
  4. Snacks – During the summer months healthy snacks are even more important for children. They are typically not getting the same physical activity that school provides so limiting high calories snacks a couple times a week may be something to try. Here are some healthy summer snacks you can pack to the parade.
  5.  Fireworks – Even though fireworks are illegal in Washoe County there always seem to be a few that make their way into our neighborhoods. Fireworks are extremely dangerous and should never be handled by children. Be sure to keep a safe distance; even sparklers can light clothing on fire and cause permanent eye damage.

Have a great holiday and stay safe!

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