Welcome to Renown Scribbles, the Renown Children’s Hospital blog devoted to you and your children.
It’s no secret that as parents you want the best for your child. That’s why our team of experts is committed to offering you the latest health tips and trends related to pregnancy, childbirth and your growing children.

Since it shouldn’t require an emergency for moms and dads to receive simple guidance from healthcare experts, we promise to scribble down our thoughts on a variety of useful topics for you and your children. Our medical experts are the voice of this blog with the sole purpose of offering a helpful resource for you and your children. If you have any topics you would like to see discussed, please feel free to contact us.

What is Renown Children’s Hospital?
Renown Children’s Hospital is northern Nevada’s only dedicated hospital for kids. Our aims is to make the experience of visiting a hospital more comfortable for your children. With the only Children’s Emergency Room, your child’s care is our priority from the moment you and your little one enter our doors.

Why a Children’s Hospital?
It is Renown Children’s Hospital belief that kids are not just “little adults.” Children have obvious physical differences and need pediatric trained specialists to care for them. Renown Children’s Hospital has medical staff who have the experience in recognizing children’s illnesses and the knowledge required to help your little one get better.

Renown Children’s Hospital offers the region’s only:

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
Renown Children’s Hospital is the only hospital in the region affiliated with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Renown has been affiliated with CMNH since 1985 and has worked together to generate funds to benefit children in the area. To learn more about CMNH and important events throughout the year, click here.

CHA Affiliation

Renown Children’s Hospital is the only hospital in northern Nevada affiliated with the Children’s Hospital Association (Formerly NACHRI). The CHA supports the health and well-being of all children through support of children’s hospitals that are committed to excellence in providing healthcare for children.
To learn more about the CHA, click here.