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Ask Our ExpertsAre you pregnant, have a newborn or a young child? Do you find yourself scouring the Internet for answers to the odd, normal or specific? You are not alone.

According to a survey by 93 percent of female respondents “manage the health and well-being of their entire household.”

So in an effort to help local moms and moms-to-be get expert answers to their medical questions we have launched Ask Our Experts. Local pediatrician Chelsea Wicks, MD and Tamsen Carson, an OB/GYN physician assistant, are making themselves available to answer medical questions related to pregnancy and children’s health and wellness. The site also has lactation consultants available to answer questions about breastfeeding.

The Internet is a large source of information for moms looking for health information. Moms turn to each other via blogs and other social media, news sources and health organizations online for advice. But, with all of this information, there can be a lot of competing messages out there with various degrees of reliability.

Ask Our Experts is a place where you can ask trusted local medical experts questions related to pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding and children.

Questions are anonymous and will be answered in written or video format within two to three business days. You can find Ask Our Experts on the Renown Children’s Hospital Facebook page as a tab and on Renown Scribbles as a page.

Please contact your doctor for any questions or concerns that need immediate attention. To find a doctor visit

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