Father’s Day 2013 – Gifts Beyond the Tie

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Father's DayThis Father’s Day, we want to make sure dads get recognition for all they do. With June 16 quickly approaching, we understand that sometimes dad can be a little difficult to shop for. If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift – beyond the tie or sock aisles, try out a fun DIY (do it yourself) Father’s Day gift.

Five Father’s Day gifts that go beyond the tie:

  1. Room Service. Create a short menu for dad to pick out his favorite healthy meal the day of Father’s Day. Let the kids help with pouring his juice, buttering his toast, and delivering his meal to him. You can also include homemade cards to with his meal.
  2. Create a Candy Gram. Grab a poster board, some tape, the biggest marker you can find and his favorite sweets, granola bars and healthy snacks and create a story board. Use each snack to write a fun story for dad. Want to include some healthier sweets on dads candy gram? Check out these healthier candy options.
  3. “All about Daddy” questionnaire. Have the kids answer a fun questionnaire about daddy and place it in a frame. This gift will be a great keepsake for years to come and is a fun way to get the kids involved in dad’s gift this year.
  4. Photo shoot. Have your own, at home, photo shoot featuring the kids! Whether you have them holding a homemade speech bubble saying what they love most about their daddy, or simply holding the word “Daddy” in the picture, it’s a great opportunity to get some up-to-date shots of the kids and a great gift for dad to place on his desk or bedside table.
  5. Get active. Whether you take the whole family to the Nevada City Bicycle Classic, on a hike, or a picnic lunch, use Father’s Day as an opportunity to spend time with the whole family. Dad will love the quality family time.

For more ideas on where to take the family on Father’s Day, check out the Renown Health No Place Like Home Pinterest board.

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