A Former Patient Gives Back

Marek Hlubucek Amy Millsaps, RN

In August 2001, 14-year old Zach Tavcar woke up with aching muscles and back spasms. His condition prompted his parents to take him to his pediatrician. A blood test showed Zach had Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL), a fast-growing cancer that prevents healthy white blood cells from being made.

Zach received treatment in the Children’s Infusion Center at Renown Children’s Hospital for almost two years. Now, 25 years old, he is cancer-free and giving back by serving as a volunteer at Renown Children’s Hospital, helping other children cope with similar diagnoses.

Zach is a candid young man who shared his thoughts with us on being able to receive his care close to home and why now it’s so important for him to help others.