Heartwarming Stories of 2014

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Heartwarming Stories of 2014As we roll into a New Year, we also take the time to look back at 2014 – a year filled with stories that warmed our hearts. From special visitors to a “tiny” marriage proposal, and even a homecoming from across the ocean…these were just a few of our favorite memories.


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Must-Do Winter Activities for the Family

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Must-do Winter ActivitiesThere are many reasons to love living in northern Nevada, but one of the biggest is its wide array of outdoor activities.

This season, bundle up and make winter activities a priority with this list of entertaining and adventurous things-to-do. Bonus — you’ll actually burn more calories because your body has to work harder to stay warm.  

  1. Organize a scavenger hunt
    Make food-colored ice cubes, or simply grab some fruits and vegetables, and hide them in a designated area in the snow. Watch as everyone tries to find them in this …

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Holiday Season Fire Safety

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Holiday Season Fire SafetyDuring the holiday and winter season, there are many items and activities that create a risk for fire in the home. Families are often cooking bigger dinners, the winter-chill means the heaters are on full blast and the Christmas tree can also be a fire hazard. Here are home safety tips provided by SafeKids.

Tips for the tree:

  • Keep all live trees in stands that hold water. Check the water every day.
  • Don’t place live trees near heat sources like heater vents, radiators, space heaters or ducts.
  • Don’t overload electrical outlets with plugs or overload a single circuit.
  • Metal can cause an electrical short or fire if it comes in contact with lights …

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