Keep Children Safe from Accidental Poisoning & Drug Overdose

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“About 165 young kids every day − or roughly four school busloads of children − are seen in emergency rooms after getting into medications in the U.S. Every one of those trips to the ER could have been prevented. ” 

This week is national Poison Prevention Week. In an effort to keep your kids safe, we encourage you to review the prescriptions, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and supplements in your home and properly store or dispose of unused medications to help prevent them from getting into the wrong hands.

It’s no secret kids are curious and often put things in their mouths. As stated in this recent report by Safe Kids Worldwide “Medications can become life-threatening when they are not safely stored and get into the hands and mouths of curious children or when children receive the wrong dose of a medication that is supposed to help them feel better.”
The report offers parents some valuable statistics to consider:

• Among young children, 95% of unintentional medication overdose visits to emergency departments are caused by a child ingesting medication while unsupervised.
• Approximately 5% are due to dosing errors made by caregivers.
Ultimately, safe storage and safe dosing mean safe kids.

To read a full copy of the report and to receive some valuable storage and disposal information click here.

Mark your calendar as Safe Kids Washoe County, in conjunction with a number of community organizations, will be holding a prescription drug roundup Sunday, April 28 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. For a list of locations and details, click here.

Safe Kids Worldwide; “Safe Storage, Safe Dosing, Safe Kids; A Report to the Nation on Safe Medication,” March 2012.

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