Miracle Children of Renown – Katy and Paige DuPriest

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Champions Across America, a national program of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, designates in every state a Champion child who has bravely battled and triumphed despite a serious injury or illness. These Champion Children serve as ambassadors for the 17 million children treated at Children’s Miracle Network hospitals each year. Renown Children’s Hospital is the only CMN Hospital in the region, and so we celebrate the Miracle Children of Renown.

Katy and Paige DuPriest: 2010-2011 Miracle Children
Lori DuPriest never thought she would conceive. But after several years she became pregnant with not only one child, but two. Despite an 80 percent chance of losing the twins, Katy and Paige were born premature, at 28 weeks gestation.

Katy was born at 1 pound, 15 ounces and two weeks later needed to have a titanium clip inserted to close the valve in her heart. She also suffered from a brain bleed and faced cerebral palsy, which fortunately resolved itself on its own. It took over a year for Katy to recover.

Paige was the smaller of the two, born at 1 pound, 4 ounces. In all, she needed five ear surgeries as a result of her inner ear not allowing enough room for sound to vibrate off the eardrum because she was so small.  It took five years for the reconstruction on her left ear to complete. Paige also did not have the stamina to complete her feeds, and couldn’t gain the weight she needed.  

Today both Katy and Paige are healthy and active second-graders. Though identical in appearance, these 7-year-old sisters could not be more different in personality. Katy is a nurturer known to give therapeutic hugs when a person is upset while Paige’s matter-of-fact personality expresses “aren’t you over this yet?”

See Lori DuPriest, the twins’ mom; tell their story.

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