After-School Fitness May Improve Classroom Performance

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After School ExerciseRecess has long been a staple in the school system for kids, and now a new study confirms that children who exercise throughout the day perform better academically and have better attention spans than those who do not.

“The authors of the study found that brain function in children improved post exercise,” says Elaine Cudnik, APRN, a nurse practitioner with Renown Medical Group Pediatrics. “Children should be getting about 20-30 minutes of exercise in addition to outside play time per day.”

In the study, children were enrolled in an after-school program that ensured they received the equivalent of 2.5 miles of extra walking a day.  After-school activities like organized sports are …

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What is Centering Pregnancy?

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Jessica Good, Certified Nurse Midwife, Renown Health

Centering PregnancyCentering is a model of group healthcare that is fun, interesting, and has been shown to reduce some problems that can happen in pregnancy, like delivering your baby too early.

Renown’s Centering Pregnancy typically includes eight to10 pregnant women and their partners. Women are put in a group with others who are due to deliver in the same month. Unlike a class, centering is patient-focused, with an emphasis on empowering women to take charge of their bodies and their healthcare.

While the group has a structure, it is truly focused on what is important to the group at that time. A certified midwife is present throughout the …

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Who’s Who in the Breastfeeding World?

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Who's Who in the Breastfeeding World

Breastfeeding isn’t easy. Many families have questions and concerns and often lack access to the support and guidance they need to achieve their breastfeeding goals. There are many different providers of breastfeeding support services – “counselors,” “specialists,” “educators,” and “consultants,” to name a few. These designations do not mean the same thing. (see below)

The International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is the gold standard. IBCLCs are healthcare professionals trained to provide clinical expertise in the management of lactation from pregnancy through weaning. The IBCLC cares for basic and complex problems with lactation.

Renown is the only hospital in Nevada that exclusively staff IBCLCs for lactation support. Renown …

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