Breastfeeding is Everyone’s Business

By , November 21st, 2014 | The Lactation Connection | 0 Comments

Take a few minutes to watch this powerful TEDx talk with mother and researcher Dr. Jenn Anderson, who is on a mission to transform entire cities across the US into breastfeeding-friendly communities. Tell us what you think of her unique presentation.


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Protecting Yourself from the Flu During Pregnancy

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Tamsen Carson, PA, Renown Health

Guarding Against the Flu During PregnancyI highly recommend flu shots for ALL women during pregnancy. It is important you receive the injected vaccine, versus the live vaccine, which is a nasal spray, which can cause the flu to occur. Your immune system, during pregnancy, is fighting infections off for the baby, so it isn’t working as well for you; you might be very susceptible to infections during pregnancy.

Also, remember that you will also be able to pass the immunity onto your baby if you breastfeed, which will protect your baby from the flu as well.
It is also recommended that other people in your house get the flu vaccination …

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Jeffrey Cordell, Superhero!

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Young Jeffrey Cordell has had more surgeries than many of us experience in a life time. He came into this world weighing less than 2 1/2 pounds with complications from his premature birth. He spent weeks in the Neonatal ICU before he could go home. Jeffrey’s family was recently reunited with the NICU team that cared for him at the annual NICU Graduation Picnic. The theme of this year’s annual event was superheroes – fitting for Jeffrey and other babies born too early or too sick.

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