Breastfeeding During the Holidays

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The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is almost upon us. Add to the mix the fact that you’re breastfeeding and this magical time can turn into chaos. You have holiday shopping to do, not to mention cooking, cleaning, parties, house guests and maybe traveling out of town. Don’t forget nap schedules and sleep routines will be out of whack.

But fear not, we have some tips to get you through the holidays:

Schedule nursing sessions. An older baby or toddler may be so distracted by your guests, new faces, places and toys that they forget to nurse. Unless you’re both ready to wean, it’s smart to schedule some nursing sessions so you …

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Class Schedule Nov. 16 – 22

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Class ScheduleJoin us at Breastfeeding Forum, every Tuesday and Thursday. Share stories with other moms on the same journey. For more information about Forums, contact The Lactation Connection at 775-982-5210.

Here’s a list of other classes and tours, the week of Nov. 16 through Nov. 22:

Baby & Family Suites Tour – MondayThursday  and Saturday

Breastfeeding Forum – Tuesday and Thursday

The Joy of Parenthood/Newborn Care – Wednesday

Click here for a complete list of classes and events


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Altitude Changes and Your Babies’ Ears

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Elaine Cudnik, APRN, Renown Medical Group Pediatrics

ThinkstockPhotos-475846343_ears&flying_1015_USEOne of the best things about living in the Reno area is the beautiful mountain range that surrounds our city. Many families take advantage of the activities the mountains have to offer or travel over them to visit friends and family in neighboring areas. However, for parents of infants there is often angst over the potential for ear pain and/or “popping” associated with these altitude changes. Fortunately, there are things you can do to protect your infant’s ears the next time you drive over the mountain or hop on a plane with your little one.

What causes ears to “pop”? The simple answer is …

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