12 Tips to Keep Your Child Safe

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12 Tips to Keep Your Child SafeUnintentional injuries are the number one cause of death to children ages 14 and under in the US.

“Every year, one out of every four children needs medical attention for accidental injury,” says Vickie Fisher, coordinator for Safe Kids Washoe County. “Sometimes even small things–properly using a car seat, installing window guards, making sure kids wear helmets when they bike or ride their skateboards–can pay huge dividends in preventing a life-threatening injury.”

Here are 12 simple tips to keep your kids safe at home and on the road:

  1. Batteries
    Keep coin lithium battery-controlled devices out of sight and reach of children because they pose a choking hazard. These include remote …

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Preschoolers: Is a Nap a Day Keeping Sleep Away?

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Preschoolers: Is a Nap a Day Keeping Sleep Away?(via CBS News) Those afternoon naps that your preschoolers are taking may not be as beneficial as previously thought.

According to a new study published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood, children who nap beyond the age of two tend to fall asleep later at night and experience a reduction in sleep quality and duration.

“The most significant finding from our study is that there is not support in the current body of research for enforcing naps in preschool children to improve their health and well-being,” say …

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Research: Breastfeeding Benefits Babies’ Immune Systems, Protects Against Allergies, Asthma

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Research: Breastfeeding Benefits Babies' Immune Systems, Protects Against Allergies, Asthma(Via Medical Daily) New research further proves breastfeeding benefits babies’ immune systems within the first month. Breastfeeding researchers from the Henry Ford Hospital say they’ve discovered why some babies’ immune systems become susceptible to developing allergies and asthma, while other babies are protected against it.

Researchers say their studies show that a sterile environment is not always good for babies and that the immune system is designed to be exposed to bacteria. If exposure to bacteria is minimized the immune system won’t develop as it should. Breastfeeding exposes a baby to his mother’s personal collection of microorganisms.

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