Class Schedule: Nov. 9 – Nov. 15

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Join us at Breastfeeding Forum, every Tuesday and Thursday. Share stories with other moms on the same journey. For more information about Forums, contact The Lactation Connection at 775-982-5210.

Don’t miss our Introduction to Solids class this week, Thursday, Nov. 12 at 12:15 p.m.

The class is led by a Registered Dietitian who answers all of your questions as you start this next phase in your baby’s life. Whether you want to start with pureed baby foods or explore “Baby Led Weaning” let’s talk about the options and what works best for your family.

Here’s a list of other classes and tours, the week of Nov. 9 through Nov. 15:

Baby & Family Suites Tour – MondayThursday  and

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Dog Bites and Kids

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Dog BitesKaren Wagner, APRN, Renown Medical Group Pediatrics

Each year dogs bite about 4.5 million Americans – half of them children between the ages of five and nine. According to the Centers for Disease Control, one out of every five of those bites causes an injury that requires medical attention.

Often, victims of dog bites know the dog that attacked them. Children, mostly boys, up to the age of ten are commonly attacked at the head and neck because the child’s head is close to the level of a dog’s mouth.  A dog bite can lead to different types of injuries, from a simple scratch to deep cuts, puncture wounds, crush injuries and …

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E-Cigarettes: What Parents Need to Know

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E-Cigarettes: What Parents Need to KnowElaine Cudnik, APRN, Renown Medical Group Pediatrics

E-Cigarettes are increasing in popularity as a smoking cessation aide or alternate means of nicotine delivery for adults, but their popularity with teens is on the rise too. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), e-cigarette use isn’t just up amongst adults, but it has tripled in usage for teens.

E-Cigarettes are a vaporizer device for the delivery of liquid nicotine as an alternative to traditional smoked cigarettes. While it is true that they do not contain tobacco, they still deliver nicotine, which is an addictive substance and with known toxic side effects. Unfortunately, they are not regulated by …

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