Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

A new year means new beginnings – a time for joy and celebrations.

We wish you and your family a happy, healthy New Year!

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Safety of Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans

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Safety of Pregnancy Ultrasound ScansTamsen Carson, PA, Renown Health

Ultrasound scans work by sending sound waves through your uterus (womb). These waves bounce off your baby as echoes, which are then turned into an image on a screen that shows your baby’s position and movements. Ultrasound scans are only recommended when there’s a clear medical reason, such as checking your baby’s development. These scans should be performed by a qualified healthcare professional.

The recent developments regarding limiting ultrasound use during pregnancy is not surprising. Some moms-to-be are having “ultrasound parties” that can last up to an hour, as well as and having keepsake ultrasounds that aren’t medically necessary, but are simply for pictures or determining …

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Building a Breastfeeding Sanctuary

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Building a Breastfeeding SanctuaryIf you have committed to breastfeeding your baby, you will find it works best when you’re comfortable, so put thought into creating a special space for you to bond with your little one.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Comfortable chair – Breastfeeding a newborn takes up much of the day so a comfy chair that supports your back and lets you shift positions, or even recline, is a must. A foot rest or foot stool is also important.


  • Pillows – Nursing pillows or sleeves are great for taking some of the strain off your arms, back and neck.