#TweetTheLove – Brody

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“I’m a paleontologist,” exclaims five-year old Brody, “I love fossils!”

Brody is quick to show off his fish fossil and a dinosaur tooth, while sitting on his bed in the Children’s Patient Floor at Renown Children’s Hospital.

Just last week Brody was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. His dad noticed his only child had been drinking an awful lot of water and had wet the bed on a couple occasions – something out of the ordinary for Brody.

They drove in from Fernley to take him to their Reno pediatrician. Within minutes they received the diagnosis in the doctor’s office and Brody was admitted to Renown Children’s Hospital.

Not only does Brody …

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The Meaning of Valentine’s Day (as explained to us by children)

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We asked a group of children some questions about Valentine’s Day. We collected their responses – some heartwarming, funny and downright hilarious!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

What is Valentine’s Day?

1. What is that day again? The one with hearts? – Cooper, age 5

2. When people love each other. – Danas, age 4

3. A day with hearts. – Trinity, age 5

4. On Friday, the boys care about the girls. – Makinsey, age 4

5. It is a day of caring, sharing, love and family. – Sigourney, age 7

Who is your Valentine?

1. My Valentine is my brother. We love to play and make each other laugh. – …

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Five-year old Kimberly was just an infant when she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis – a chronic lung disease that she will battle her entire life.  After receiving her diagnosis, the family moved to Seattle briefly before returning to northern Nevada and a climate that seemed to help Kimberly breathe better.

Still, every three months or so, Kimberly gets sick and needs to be hospitalized.

Like many girls her age, Kimberly likes music and dancing and loves Minnie Mouse.

Kimberly is back in the hospital this week and we invite you to #TweetTheLove to brighten her day. Send @RenownScribbles your tweets with the hashtag #TweetTheLove or leave your message on …

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