#TweetTheLove – Logan

By , February 26th, 2014 | Events, News, Patient Stories | 1 Comment

Logan, 13-years old, was diagnosed with Common Variable Immunodeficiency, or CVID, as a baby. He visits the Children’s Infusion Centerfor regular treatments to boost his immune system.

Logan’s favorite sport is golf and he loves to play whenever he can. He also really enjoys drawing and his favorite class in school is art. He’s made friends with an animator at Pixar and later this year Logan and his family get to take a tour of Pixar Studios, something he very excited about.

We invite you to #TweetTheLove for Logan to brighten his day. Send @RenownScribbles your tweets with the hashtag #TweetTheLove or leave your message on our Facebook page …

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#TweetTheLove – Brody

By , February 18th, 2014 | Events, News, Patient Stories | 1 Comment

“I’m a paleontologist,” exclaims five-year old Brody, “I love fossils!”

Brody is quick to show off his fish fossil and a dinosaur tooth, while sitting on his bed in the Children’s Patient Floor at Renown Children’s Hospital.

Just last week Brody was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. His dad noticed his only child had been drinking an awful lot of water and had wet the bed on a couple occasions – something out of the ordinary for Brody.

They drove in from Fernley to take him to their Reno pediatrician. Within minutes they received the diagnosis in the doctor’s office and Brody was admitted to Renown Children’s Hospital.

Not only does Brody …

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