Miracle Jeans Day is Coming Up!

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Miracle Jeans Day

Join Renown Health employees as they go casual for kids on Wednesday, September 18.

Since 2009, northern Nevada’s Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ Miracle Jeans Day has encouraged businesses and individuals alike to trade their traditional work attire for jeans to help raise funds and awareness for kids treated at Renown Children’s Hospital.

From credit unions to real estate offices, this program can generate thousands of dollars by simply wearing jeans to work. Helping kids has never been so easy, and the best part, you are making an impact on a child’s life.

Here is how you can participate.

Step 1

Visit and check to see if your team has already been established. …

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Keeping Your Toddler Engaged Through the Art of Play

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Vanessa Slots, MD, pediatrician, Renown Medical Group

Art of PlayRaising a toddler can be challenging! How do you keep someone engaged that is always on the go? The answer is play.  Both adult-led play and supervised, free play are the best ways to not only keep your toddler engaged but also support their development.

Play has been shown to contribute to toddler’s cognitive, physical, social and emotional well-being. Through play, toddlers learn to be creative, problem solve and develop motor and reasoning skills at early ages. Free play also allows toddlers learn to entertain themselves.

  • Try to match your toddler’s interest with the activities for the day. If your toddler …

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Time Saving Tips for Mom

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Chelsea Wicks, MD, pediatrician, Renown Medical Group

Time Saving Tips

With school starting up again, the one thing I dread the most is the morning routine. Most days I feel that I am rushing myself and my kids to get out of the house on time and usually end up very frustrated. But, this year is going to be different…well, at least I’m going to try!

I have found that. Whatever I can get done the night before definitely helps in the morning. This year, I’m having my 6 and 8 year olds make their own lunches (I will help make sandwiches and I’m double checking they’re not …

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