What Causes Ear Infections

By , May 16th, 2013 | Infant Care, Toddler Care | 1 Comment

Chelsea Wicks, MD, pediatrician, Renown Medical Group

What causes ear infections

One of the most common reasons for pediatric office visits is otitis media, more commonly called a middle ear infection.

I have had many parents with concerns that water getting into their child’s ear may have caused an ear infection. Though children can get otitis externa, or outer ear infection (also commonly called swimmer’s ear) from water getting caught in the ear canal, water will not cause a true “ear infection.”  Many people have misconceptions of the cause of true ear infections.

Actually, bacterial middle ear infections are caused by fluid BEHIND the ear drum getting infected. Typically …

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Joey’s Story

By , May 9th, 2013 | Children's Miracle Network Hospitals | 3 Comments

Each year Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, a charity that raises money for its member hospitals, like Renown Children’s Hospital, recognizes courageous kids across the country as Champion ambassadors. Chosen each year for facing their illness or injury with determination, Champions represent the millions of kids treated each year at CMN Hospitals. Meet northern Nevada’s ambassador Joey Jacobsen.

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Celebrating our Motivated Mommies

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We’re celebrating moms all month long with our Motivated Mommies Pinterest Scavenger Hunt. Enter for a chance to win Aces Tickets and an iPad! Visit our Motivated Mommies board on Pinterest for details on how to participate.


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