Make Time For Family Meals

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make Time for Family MealsIn today’s busy world, family meals can seem like a thing of the past. But the family that eats together stays healthy together. In one study, children who regularly ate with their families consumed more fruits and vegetables and drank fewer soft drinks than their peers who didn’t eat with their families. They were also less likely to have eating disorders.

So how do you get everyone to the table for a healthy meal? It just takes a little planning.

Schedule your meals

Are family schedules at odds? Sit down and figure out if schedules can be fine-tuned to accommodate a family meal. Aim for at …

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Holiday Season Fire Safety

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During the holiday and winter season, there are many items and activities that create a risk for fire in the home. Families are often cooking bigger dinners, the winter-chill means the heaters are on full blast and the Christmas tree can also be a fire hazard. Here are home safety tips provided by SafeKids .

Tips for the tree:

  • Keep all live trees in stands that hold water. Check the water every day.
  • Don’t place live trees near heat sources like heater vents, radiators, space heaters or ducts.
  • Don’t overload electrical outlets with plugs or overload a single circuit.
  • Metal can cause an electrical short or fire if it comes in contact with lights or wiring. …

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Parent’s Stress = Children’s Stress

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Children feed off of parent's energy.Barbara Prupas, PsyD. MFT
Psychologist Renown Behavioral Health

Do you ever wonder if your child knows how stressed you are? Do you ever wonder if your stress negatively affects your child?

Adults sharply underestimate how much parents’ stress is affecting kids, or how much stress their children face. According to a study reported by the American Psychological Association, 7 in 10 parents say their stress is having little or no impact on their children. However, ask the children and 91% say they know their parents are stressed because they see them yelling, arguing and complaining or because their parents never seem …

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