Two Summer Safety Tips Not to Forget

By , June 21st, 2012 | Parenting | 3 Comments

Chelsea Wicks, M.D., Renown Medical Group Pediatrics"Dr. Wicks" "Chelsea Wicks MD"

With summer activities in full swing here in northern Nevada already, I just wanted to take some time to remind everyone about some basic safety measures for your children.  This is the time of year everyone is outside playing, which I love!  However, we just want to be sure our kids are being safe to prevent significant injury.

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Ground Rules for Leaving Your Kids Home Alone

By , June 19th, 2012 | Parenting, Teens | 0 Comments

"Home Alone" "Latchkey Kids"Kathryn Fivelstad, Paramedic, Safe Kids Washoe County

Your child is about 12-years-old and he thinks he is mature enough to be left home without parental supervision. As most parents would be, you’re probably nervous about leaving your child home alone. But if you decide your child is mature enough to handle situations on his or her own and stay safe at home while you’re not there, it’s a good idea to establish some ground rules first.

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When to worry about your child being constipated

By , June 14th, 2012 | Infant Care, Parenting | 0 Comments

Chelsea Wicks, M.D., Renown Medical Group Pediatrics
"Dr. Wicks" "Chelsea Wicks MD"
Unfortunately our children do not come with owner’s manuals. We tend to learn how to raise and care for our children based on our own previous experiences and advice we receive from others. What most parents know from the get-go is that every child needs to eat, pee and poop. 

If they are not doing these three things, we know there is something wrong.  Or is there?  One VERY common question I get is “how often does my baby need to poop?”

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