Music Therapy

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Wendy Damonte and Whitney Myer

COOL, FUN, EXCITING.  Those are the words used by kids in the hospital.  THE HOSPITAL???  That’s right, children of all ages are saying being at Renown Children’s Hospital is … well… neat!  And that’s partly because Whitney Myer is a part of their treatment plan. 

The local singer who made it on the show, “The Voice,” is now volunteering at kids’ bedsides. She’s singing their favorite tunes in the hopes of making them heal faster. 

“I love it, honestly, for so many reasons.  It reminds me what music is all about which is connecting with people.  It’s not about big huge shows or YouTube views.  It’s about …

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Kids in the Kitchen

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Tips for getting your kids to help cook. Do your children frown at the thought of trying something new to eat? Why not get them to cook with you? If kids make something themselves, they are more likely to eat it. And if you get them involved in the process from the get-go—from menu planning to serving the food—they are bound to make healthy food choices.

  • Start by looking at the food pyramid and making low-fat and low-calorie selections.
  • When choosing food preparation tasks, keep them age appropriate. Don’t give your kindergartner a knife to slice a carrot. But he or she can wash the lettuce. Don’t let your …

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4 Ways to Cultivate Family Involvement During the Holidays

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Nancy McNaul, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Renown Behavioral Health

The holidays are an excellent time to bond with loved ones you might not see year round. Whether you’re having your parents or siblings over, the kids who left for college, or even some family friends, don’t miss the opportunity to get closer this holiday season. Here are some tips for less stressful holidays and how to includes the whole family.

  1. Share the load
    Instead of one person shouldering all the responsibility of cooking, arranging, decorating, etc,.. bring the other people around you in to help. This not only reduces stress and resentment, but it also provides a wonderful opportunity …

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