Helping Your Child Through Divorce

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Helping Your Child Through DivorceKristen Davis-Coelho, Ph.D.
Renown Behavioral Health

Divorce is challenging for everyone, whether you’re 60 or six. Children, in particular, are vulnerable to the negative effects of divorce, but parents can have a powerful influence on how well their child adapts. Two important factors in determining whether divorce will have a negative impact on a child’s future are: 1.) The level of conflict between the parents following the divorce, and 2.) How well each parent adjusts to the break-up. If you’re struggling emotionally, the best gift you can give your child is to get the support you need to move forward in …

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Setting Good Eating Habits

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Knowing when your child needs stitchesChelsea Wicks, MD, pediatrician, Renown Medical Group

Just like any good or bad habit, the earlier it begins, the easier it is to keep it going…or the harder it is to break it. Setting good eating habits has to start from the very beginning. If your child is not introduced to vegetables until they are 2-years-old and then you suddenly expect them to finish them off their dinner plate every night, best of luck to you. But, if your child has been eating green beans, peas and squash since the time they were just beginning to eat off a spoon, you are going to …

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Babyproofing your home

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Babyproofing your homeChris Marlo ICCE,
Childbirth Educator, Renown Health

Are you pregnant? Now is a great time to start thinking about baby proofing your home. Yes, even before your baby arrives. How to baby proof your home can be a huge question for some parents. And right now, while you are still pregnant, you will have more time and energy to make it safe for your little one. You will need to do a little research, check off those safety lists and maybe even attend a class.

Start by going into each room and writing down what needs to be done. Keep in mind that it’s …

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