When to worry about your child being constipated

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Chelsea Wicks, M.D., Renown Medical Group Pediatrics
"Dr. Wicks" "Chelsea Wicks MD"
Unfortunately our children do not come with owner’s manuals. We tend to learn how to raise and care for our children based on our own previous experiences and advice we receive from others. What most parents know from the get-go is that every child needs to eat, pee and poop. 

If they are not doing these three things, we know there is something wrong.  Or is there?  One VERY common question I get is “how often does my baby need to poop?”

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At What Age Can a Child be Left Home Alone?

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"Latchkey" "Latchkey Kids"Kathryn Fivelstad, Paramedic, Safe Kids Washoe County

Summer is just a few short weeks away and that means kids everywhere will be getting out of school. Most working parents opt for summer camps or other child-care programs during the summer months to ensure their kids are well cared-for and supervised by an adult. But what if your child thinks he or she is old enough to stay at home alone?

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Kohl’s Save Your Skull Program Promotes Bike Helmet Safety

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Alannah Manfredi, Kohl’s Save Your Skull program coordinator

Bike helmets are the most important piece of biking equipment you can buy for you and your family. In fact, helmets reduce the risk of head injury by 85 percent.

When purchasing a bike helmet here are a few tips:

  • Bike helmets come in different sizes. It is important you make sure the helmet fits your child’s entire head from front to back.
  • The strap should be snug. Allow only one finger’s space between the strap and your skin.
  • Test fit the helmet. It should not shake around or come off when you shake your head.
  • Don’t buy a helmet based on age. The helmet needs to fit your child right regardless of what the box says.
  • Make sure the helmet meets the Consumer Products Safety Commission standards (CPSC). It should say so right on the box.

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