Avoid Summertime Boredom and Enroll your Child in Camp

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Summer Camp History Click to view full sized infographic

The weather is getting warmer and kids are ready for summer break. Keep them busy and having fun this summer by enrolling them in camp. Summer camp helps children discover independence, self-identity, and may offer a better understanding of the world through human interaction. Whether your little campers have a particular interest or special need, there is a perfect camp for them. The American Camp Association says the benefits and anticipated outcomes of the camp experience include:

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Important Tips and Information for Sexual Abuse Awareness Month

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Talking to Kids about Sexual AbuseBarbara Prupas, PsyD., MFT

In an average sized classroom of 30 students, six to eight of the students will be victims of child sexual abuse before their high school graduation. Yet, the majority (nine out of 10 students) will not report the abuse to anyone. What’s even more frightening is the students will typically know and trust their abuser.

These are the most common child sexual abuse offenses

  • Sexual assault- an adult or adolescent touches a minor for sexual gratification
  • Sexual exploitation- an adult or adolescent victimizes a minor for advancement, sexual gratification or profit (trafficking child pornography)
  • Sexual grooming- social conduct of a …

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Cribs for Kids: Safe Sleep Environments

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Regina Washington
Community Programs Coordinator, REMSA

It’s a common cliché: let sleeping babies lie… In today’s fast-paced society, it may be tempting for parents to leave a sleeping infant in a car seat after a busy day of errands, or to leave a sleeping infant in a swing. However, doing either of these things may pose unnecessary risk to the sleeping infant.

Leaving a sleeping infant in a car seat or swing (both sitting devices) create unsafe sleep conditions for the infant, increasing the risk for Sudden Infant Death and positional asphyxia–suffocation caused by improper body positioning such that it compromises airflow. The American Academy of Pediatrics …

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