Runny Nose, Fever and the ABC’s

By , August 13th, 2013 | Parenting | 0 Comments

Chelsea Wicks, MD, pediatrician, Renown Medical Group

Healthy at DaycareTrying to keep a child healthy while attending daycare can seem like an impossible endeavor at times. It’s true that a child attending daycare will likely acquire more infections than a child of the same age not attending daycare.

At times it can seem they will get sick on a monthly basis. This can be normal for up to the first two years while attending daycare or preschool though you should notice the severity and frequency slowly improving over time as they develop more immunity.

No matter what age a child is, it is normal for them to go through this. So a child who never went to daycare or preschool will be at higher risk to have these recurrent illnesses when they start kindergarten.

I think the most important thing you can do to make sure your child stays as healthy as possible is to provide a healthy diet for them. It is amazing how much this can improve their immune system so they can fight of infections as effectively as possible. Encourage daily intake of fruits and vegetables and really try to minimize their sugar intake.

It is also important to encourage good hand washing before meal time and after using the restroom. If your child does come down with an illness, try to keep them home as long as possible to prevent spread of the infection to the other children. You will appreciate it when the other children’s parents do the same!

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