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Allergies 101 – Spotting Allergies in Kids

By , May 10th, 2011 | Parenting | 0 Comments

Dr. Nevin Wilson, Pediatric Allergies and Immunology, University of Nevada School of Medicine

With seasonal allergy season already underway in northern Nevada, it is important to note that children are just as likely to suffer from nasal allergies as adults. Here are some things for parents to be on the lookout for when identifying seasonal allergies in their children.

Frequent runny nose, itchy eyes and reoccurring sinus infections are all signs of allergies. Does your child have eczema or asthma? Half of children who have eczema are reported to experience allergies and 70-80 percent of children with asthma have allergies.

Is your little one snoring? This could also be …

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