Time Saving Tips for Mom

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Chelsea Wicks, MD, pediatrician, Renown Medical Group

Time Saving Tips

With school starting up again, the one thing I dread the most is the morning routine. Most days I feel that I am rushing myself and my kids to get out of the house on time and usually end up very frustrated. But, this year is going to be different…well, at least I’m going to try!

I have found that. Whatever I can get done the night before definitely helps in the morning. This year, I’m having my 6 and 8 year olds make their own lunches (I will help make sandwiches and I’m double checking they’re not sneaking in extra sugary snacks). So far, our first morning went great!

I think it’s also important to get the kids down to bed at a decent time so it’s not too difficult to wake them in the morning. If it’s a struggle every morning, they likely need to go to bed earlier.

Finally, I would encourage all moms to delegate. I know this can be difficult, especially if your family is used to having it all done for them. But, I think it’s important for everyone in the family to pitch in. Start a chore list or have specific areas of the house that each person is responsible for. Even if they don’t do it themselves, it’s up to them to make sure it gets done. By offering small rewards, kids often are glad to help and in the end and they love earning what they worked for!

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