Register: Liquid Gold 5K, August 2, 2014, University of Nevada

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Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week by registering now for next week’s Liquid Gold 5K. The August 2 event is a 5K run/walk through the University of Nevada campus. Bring the entire family to this stroller-friendly event and enjoy music, food, vendors, including Renown Children’s Hospital and The Lactation Connection and a great raffle! Register today.

See our calendar for a full listing of breastfeeding and childbirth education classes and events.

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What is a Midwife?

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Jessica Good, Certified Nurse Midwife, Renown Health 

A Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) is a person who received a Masters degree specializing in taking care of women, both during and outside of pregnancy. Nurse Midwives are also qualified to take care of newborns in their early life.

Typically, midwives are nurses first. The schooling takes two to three years and midwives must be certified in order to practice, meaning they have to all meet the same standards. Midwives are different than doctors in that they are with expectant mothers during labor and are present for more of the labor experience. In addition, CNMs help the moms-to-be with a lot with …

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Babies’ BM’s

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Chelsea Wicks, MD, Renown Medical Group Pediatrics

A baby’s stool is often a topic of concern for many parents. How many should they have, what color should it be, is it too loose, is it too hard? Here are a few rules of thumb to help answer some of these common questions.

A breast fed baby will typically have watery, mustard yellow-colored stools several times a day during the first several weeks. As their digestive system matures, the stools become less frequent and tend to get thicker. Formula fed babies usually will have thicker, less frequent stools from the very beginning. Every baby is different however, so if they don’t follow these patterns, it …

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