Miracle Jeans Day is Coming Up!

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Miracle Jeans Day

Join Renown Health employees as they go casual for kids on Wednesday, September 18.

Since 2009, northern Nevada’s Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ Miracle Jeans Day has encouraged businesses and individuals alike to trade their traditional work attire for jeans to help raise funds and awareness for kids treated at Renown Children’s Hospital.

From credit unions to real estate offices, this program can generate thousands of dollars by simply wearing jeans to work. Helping kids has never been so easy, and the best part, you are making an impact on a child’s life.

Here is how you can participate.

Step 1

Visit and check to see if your team has already been established. If not establish a captain and follow the simple steps to registering a new team.

Step 2

Get your coworkers involved. Here are your donation options:

$5 = Wear jeans to work!

$25 = Wear jeans and get a Miracle Jeans Day t-shirt.

$60 = Wear jeans, get a Miracle Jeans Day t-shirt and an aluminum water bottle.

Step 3

Wear your jeans on September 18 and enjoy a day free from slacks, skirts and suits.

For more information on how to participate, go to If you are a Renown employee, join the team here.  As always, 100% of proceeds generated from this event will benefit kids right here in our community.


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